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Compact Power Equipment Rental

Compact Power Equipment Rental is one of the largest rental equipment companies in North America with more than 1,000 locations. Our rental customers range from weekend do-it- yourselfers to commercial, residential and specialized industries. Compact Power’s extensive equipment rental inventory includes skid steers, scissor lifts, excavators, backhoes and trenchers to name a few.

  • Convenient locations within Home Depot
  • Low prices
  • Wide range of landscape and construction equipment
  • Open late and on weekends

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Fall Landscaping: Planting Trees with JCB

Fall Landscaping: Planting Trees with JCB

Posted on Wed Nov. 18, 2015 @ 3:00 PM - There are a number of important jobs that can beautify and improve your yard from this fall – into the warmer months. 

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