Excellence is Achieved by Mastering the Fundamentals

Posted by: Erika Green on October 21, 2016


When you rent a skid steer for the first time, it’s tempting to jump right into the cabin and start your job. And while skid steers are certainly a lot of fun to drive, take some time to get the fundamentals right. If you do that first, the rest of your job will go much more smoothly.

Start by watching our Bobcat Skid Steer how-to video. Whether you’ve operated one before or not, it’s a great tool to get you ready to take on your project. Plus, it’s less than five minutes long and can be part of your prep process. Trust us, it’s worth the watch. 

Once your equipment arrives via our VIP Onsite Delivery program, do a walk around of your equipment and make sure everything looks right. You’ll need to have the appropriate stickers, signage and the equipment is in good shape. Safety should be your top priority and if you have questions you can always call us at 888-COMPACT. Be sure to complete the walk around before unloading the equipment to the ground.

Once you’ve finished the skid steer how-to video, and checked out your equipment, dive into our unloading tutorial. Safe loading and unloading means more time to actually operate the skid steer.

Basic equipment operation, like loading and unloading the bucket, can seem intimidating. Especially if you’ve never rented equipment before. But, with a little prep – and a little practice – it’ll become second nature. Watch our video on using the bucket of the skid steer. You’ll want to build in some extra time for practice to make sure you feel comfortable before the project work starts.

All in all, taking a few extra minutes to practice the fundamentals will be worthwhile. You’ll have more knowledge and it’ll make your project go more smoothly. And, you can always call us at 888-COMPACT or visit our app if you have any questions during your project.

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