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Winter is Coming

Posted by: Erika Green on December 20, 2016

No, Game of Thrones fans, winter actually is coming. From plowing snow to clearing downed tree branches to fixing a burst pipe in your yard, pros and homeowners alike are taking advantage of the convenience of heavy equipment throughout the entire year. However, with that all-season versatility, there are some additional considerations to using this equipment when the temperature starts to drop.

  • Pre-heat the engine. Wires and hoses can become more brittle in cold weather, and may break if you try to operate the equipment too quickly. Let the engine idle for 2-3 minutes before operating the equipment.
  • Check the tire pressure. Cold temperatures cause tire pressure to drop, which may make the equipment more difficult to use. For equipment such as a Terex skid steer loader, proper tire pressure is crucial to the equipment’s performance. If the pressure is too low, it may diminish the loader’s dump height, load bearing capacity and traction.
  • Make sure you have enough light. Since the sun sets earlier in the winter, you may need more additional light to complete your project within a day. A Terex light tower can project enough light to ensure you can continue working without worrying about it getting dark.
  • If possible, practice using the equipment in an open area. While skid steers and similar equipment are designed to operate well in the snow and ice, driving them can often be very different in slick conditions. If possible, renters may want to practice driving the equipment in an open area such as the Home Depot parking lot to ensure that they are prepared to handle the conditions.
  • Check for build-up on the undercarriage. It’s easy for ice, snow and mud to build up on the undercarriage of equipment during the winter, which can damage the equipment. For example, ice and mud build-up under a Terex track loader could prevent the rollers from turning. It’s best to periodically stop and make sure that there’s no build-up on the equipment.

Just like you have to remember to grab your gloves and coat before heading out in the cold this winter, the equipment needs a little extra care to stay protected out there too.

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